The time has arrived for OASA to move into our new Data Processing program SAMS 2.2 which has been designed for Medicare to have better compliancy of Associations and the distribution of supplies to members. We have been gearing up for this since January 2021with updating our members data files and asking members to submit their orders on the correct order forms with all mandatory fields filled out correctly.

We understand the demographics of some of our members with, age / tech knowledge, so it is important that family members step up and help parents / siblings moving forward.

The mandatory information to be on every order form.

Medicare number ---- ----- -/- all 11 digits which includes the number next to the members name ……. 1.2.3.
Expiry date ….. 05/2023 (example only )
Pension/concession card number…………….Expiry date……
Date of birth. …… 04/07/1939 ……(example only )


As of August, all orders being placed need to be on the correct order forms, and to be filled out correctly. All mandatory fields to filled out correctly to avoid orders being delayed in processing and a delay in you receiving your supplies in a timely manner.

If you are posting your order form, please be mindful to have payment details filled out or do a direct payment into our bank. Details are on the order form. Also be mindful Australia Post is so slow. It takes approx. 10 days to get to us. Try faxing from your local post office.
All orders to be posted to members should have credit card details to pay for postage on the order form.

During this time of change for the staff and volunteers that process the orders, extra supply forms and new members information while learning the new data program, will need members to be mindful of the need for patience and do their bit to help by being compliant with our requests for correct information on the order forms.

The importance of this information is paramount to us moving forward into the New technical world of cloud based programs that Medicare require us to fulfill in a short time frame.

It is a scary time but with your help we will get there, so please fill out order forms correctly and be patient with this new process.

We have had correspondence from the Australian Council of Stoma Associations on the government’s plan to privatize the scheme. The government’s response to the EOI/Tender process below.

“At this time, no future tender process is planned for the program and there is no change to the existing program arrangements”

We, as an association can now move forward with confidence and look after our members and give them the best service that they deserve.

Thank you from Team OASA.