The compulsory Access fee for you to receive your Stoma appliances is due on the 30th June 2021. Plus, the administration fee of $20. There will be a $20 late fee applied from the 1st August 2021……… No membership fee No products.

If you are in financial hardship please make arrangements with the office for the fees to be made in installments so they are PAID by the 30th June.

Notification of Reversals is important as we must inform Medicare and keep our records up to date.

Notification of a member passing away is also important as there may-be an order sitting on the shelf waiting collection or a parcel to be posted out or being prepared for postage. If you could nominate a family member to inform us it would be greatly appreciated. I know it is a distressing time so within a month would be good. It is very important as we need to inform Medicare.

Medicare own the Stoma Appliance Scheme and we are answerable to them:

There is a form on the back of the renewal notice to update your details:

Please keep your details updated as it helps us to have the correct details especially if a member has gone into care or moved accommodation. If you have gone onto a pension since last year please inform us so we can update your file.

Making changes to your order or wanting to add something at the last minute can be a little tricky as we don’t keep all 4000 products on the scheme in our warehouse. Please be mindful that it may take a week or so to get that product in from the warehouses interstate. We do try to be accommodating so please be patient as we take pride in be efficient.